Where can I find the gate to the Land of the Fairies?

Where can I find the gate to the Land of the Fairies?

I’ve been looking for it everywhere.

Finally I have found a green path in a secret corner of my heart that leads to Fairy land.

Do you know where it is? Once you can find this hidden corner it’s easy, start from deep within, then downwards and to the right then go backwards on the hidden path. You’ll recognize it as it is quite narrow, in the shades of lush, spring green trees and the songs of singing birds is echoing on the land. Butterflies and dragonflies are flying around, with the sun reflecting on their fluttering wings.

I’ve been walking, wandering with a smile on my face, looking forward to the meeting with the people of my heart with anticipation.

And then, suddenly, out of nowhere, by a gigantic moss-covered rock, an ancient grumpy old man appeared in from of me.

‘There is no passage here’ he said.’There are no Fairies. This is the land of the Liars. They tricked me a millennia or a hundred millennia ago. I am outraged. They dare not to come here for they are scared that I will challenge them. They tricked me. I’ve been waiting for them for a hundred thousand or a million years. They are evil’.

‘Kind elder, I feel sorry for you. What was their unkept promise?’

‘You don’t even want to know, my child. I’ve done a good deed, a great favor to them and they promised to grant me the potion of eternal life. They entered through this gate and never came back. Liars. Tricksters. Deceivers.’

‘And have you been here, waiting for them all this time, dear elder?’

‘Yes, I’ve been here waiting. I have never left this place. I could only eat and drink what I have found around here. There’s some kind of grass growing here that’s as sweet as honey and there’s morning dew on the flowers. That’s all I could eat and drink! Nothing else!’

‘Dear old man, why have you never tried to leave?’

‘For I have really desired the potion of eternal life that has been promised to me!’

Then, after a few minutes of silence:

‘Elder, I think you have received the nectar of eternal life by the drops and the healing herb by the leaves, wouldn’t you think so?’

‘That is what I just came to realize, my child. I’ve been sitting here with the eternal life in my heart but all I’ve done is holding on to my grudge, I have wasted it. I’ve grown as old and hard as stones. I had lizards sunbathing on me.’

‘Sweet old man, I can help you. I’m stretching my entire body, move my shoulders and my back to return the flexibility to my body. How do you feel now, old man?’

‘Much better now. You’re stretching yourself and I can feel the layers of past millennia’s deposited on my body shredding like pieces of an armor.’

‘Elder, I’m going to spin around and dance.’

‘It’s great, for as you move I can feel the strength returning to my legs.’

‘Elder, I feel so happy’

‘And I’m going to turn into a frog, laughing as I jump away, towards the forest and the spring. When you go looking for your prince charming, come and find me there.’